The mission of The Lotus Project is to spread awareness to end the stigma surrounding mental illness by sharing stories and experiences.

The project aims to provide in-depth information on resources available to individuals that are struggling.

Meaning Behind the Logo

The lotus flower starts at the bottom of a muddy pond.  It pushes itself up through the murky water, mud, and darkness to blossom, beautiful and clean, at the surface.  As humans, we push ourselves through our hardships and dark times, only to come out better than we were before.  We couldn’t exist at our best self without the muddy waters of our lives.

The semicolon on the petal on the right has become a symbol to raise awareness for mental illness and to show support for people that have attempted suicide.  The semicolon represents a place that the author could’ve ended the sentence but chose not to.

“I am the author of my own life and my story is not over yet.”